Food Allergies and Anaphylaxis - An Overview

Speaker: Dr Dean Tey, Consultant Paediatric Allergist & Immunologist, Royal Children's Hospital

Allergic disease has taken Australia by storm. Why is this such an issue now when it was not 30 years ago? Learn how an allergy is diagnosed and how decisions are made on treatment options. Is there something we can do to prevent food allergy? And what do we do once a food allergy is diagnosed?


Infant Feeding Resources - Nip Allergies in the Bub

Speaker: Sandra Vale, National Allergy Strategy Coordinator, National Allergy Strategy

Learn about new campaign titled Nip Allergies in the Bub - an allergy prevention campaign to help improve eczema care in babies and reduce food allergy rates. Sandra Vale will talk through the current Australia wide campaign looking at reducing the risk of developing food allergy in babies even when babies have eczema and a family member at risk of anaphylaxis.


Diagnosis and Management of Food Allergy

Speaker: Dr Mark Taranto, Paediatric Allergist and Immunologist, Royal Children's Hospital

How does someone get the diagnosis of allergy? Are all allergic conditions related? Should I be looking for a partner without allergy? What are the limitations of a skin prick or blood test when diagnosing food allergy? What is the likelihood of my child having a food allergy? Listen to Dr Mark Taranto’s talk about diagnosis of food allergy, and have your questions answered.


Oral Food Challenges

Speaker: Helen Czech, Clinical Research Nurse, Murdoch Children's Research Institute

Have you ever wondered why doctors recommend food challenges for some and not for others? Why can’t you just try the food at home? Are there other tests we can use to see that someone had definitely outgrown their food allergy? Join Helen Czech in a discussion about oral food challenges and why they are seen as the gold standard for food allergy diagnosis.

Friday 6 – Sunday 8 February 2020, Sydney Showgrounds


Friday 6 – Sunday 8 February 2020, Sydney Showgrounds