Food Allergen Labelling Legislation

Speaker: Fiona Fleming, Managing Director, AIFST B App Sc (Food Technology) (Hons); Masters in Nutrition Management (with Distinction); MAIFST; MAICD


Food Allergy Research

Speaker: Dr Jennifer Koplin, Allergic Disease Epidemiologist, Murdoch Children's Research Institute

Learn about what we know from recent research in Australia. What has led to Australia being named the allergy capital of the world? Jennifer Koplin will discuss what treatments are currently being researched and whether these treatments will lead to a cure.


Challenges of Current Food Labelling

Speaker: Maria Said, CEO, Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia

Food allergy is potentially life threatening. We need food content information on labels so that we can make an informed decision when purchasing foods. Australians welcomed the change in legislation which states that the most common allergens must be clearly labelled, however the proliferation in ‘may contain’ statements continues to restrict food choices for consumers with food allergy. Maria Said will talk you through the challenges of current food labelling and what actions manufacturers and consumers can take to help increase food safety.


Dietary Management of Food Allergy Including FPIES and EoE

Speaker: Dr Vicki McWilliam, Paediatric Allergy Dietitian and Researcher, Royal Children's Hospital

Avoiding the food is the only way to manage food allergy; people must avoid even the slightest amounts. How do people manage multiple food allergy? What about those who have food allergy that does not lead to anaphylaxis but is still debilitating? Learn about Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome and Eosinophilic Oesophagitis - what are they? Can you outgrow any food allergies? Join Vicki McWilliam as she discusses appropriate dietary management of food allergy.

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